Event Management,  Production Services, PR and Marketing Strategy.

Do you need a little black book full of  press contacts and co-creatives?
Sacha Walters has worked extensively over the past  20 years  in  the UK and in Australia, with artists, photographers, writers, dancers, opera conductors,  and  not for profit associations creating PR campaigns, marketing strategy and producing events and photo shoots, occasionally sourcing spyware and flack jackets, and the odd jar of Vegemite for a desperate foreign correspondent in a war zone, and  helping get 400 naked people  on the street  for a photoshoot at a secret location on a very cool London autumnal morning.
If you need a punchy press release, grass roots PR and media coverage, a location, casting or an event to soar beyond what you imagined it could be. I can help you, my black book is full of co creatives who relish a challenge and can make the seemingly impossible appear magically with a graceful flourish.
I am  personally committed to sustainable, natural living and my approach to any production, project or event is always mindful of the Environment, Fair Trade and World Health Organisation Standards, helping clients align themselves  with the same ethical standard wherever possible.  So let's develop your PR strategy to create awareness, ethical partnerships, sponsorship deals and strategies that work to optimise a sustainable result for your business or next event.